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Maverick Advantage: I am a seasoned, designated Finance professional, first; a recruiter, second. So what?

  • I work with you to understand your background, experience & career goals to find you the best fit with a top organization. I speak your language.
  • I leverage my broad, hands on Finance experience coupled with my track record of success in Recruitment to develop an extensive network, build relationships and provide you with top notch career opportunities. I speak a client's language.
  • I am your brand ambassador; a role I do not take lightly. Neither should you. We are PARTNERS.
  • I am driven to provide you the best quality opportunities and communicate with you in a respectful way with high integrity & transparency. I expect the same in return.
  • I will guide you on creating a search strategy to transition to a new opportunity in the event of a desired career change, restructuring or downsizing from your organization -- covering skills in networking, social media and interviewing along with effective resume critique.
  • I am not afraid to have courageous and challenging conversations with you to provide valuable career coaching and counsel; that is what a MAVERICK does. 
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