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Maverick Services


Sourcing talent is a critical step to building a high performing team and for succession planning. Maverick wants you engaged in the process to ensure a high rate of success. You define "fit" and Maverick finds it. Maverick's network is strong and our experience is stronger. Maverick has a proven track record of success that you can leverage to create a collaborative & progressive approach to on-boarding your PEOPLE.

Transition Services

Things change constantly in business. We know change can impact PEOPLE. Maverick is here to minimize the impact and leverage the change...for the better. Maverick can manage the off-boarding process for individuals, teams & leaders in a respectful and productive way that adds more value & insights to the market than the traditional outplacement model. Maverick can deliver creative solutions with a successful outcome in mind for PEOPLE, including access to individual career coaching.


Challenges are a fact of life and business. To be the best version of yourself, it helps to have someone in your corner. Someone to unlock your strengths. It may be a "go to market" strategy, tackling leadership challenges or a need for career coaching. Maverick has the capability to troubleshoot and problem solve with you for robust, creative & practical solutions. Maverick is a change agent that can move PEOPLE forward. 

Hearing many voices in the market seeking a more "human side" to their business relationships, Maverick Consulting Group was formed with a passion for helping PEOPLE through delivering high quality personal service and valuable insights based on our breadth and depth of experience. Maverick's approach starts with a process but remains centered around PEOPLE. 

Partner with Maverick to create a unique and effective solution for your individual and organizational needs.

With an inspiring appeal to a broad audience, and service to all levels and industries; our specialty is Finance & Accounting. 

Maverick is PEOPLE. 

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