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Maverick Advantage: I am a seasoned, designated Finance professional, first; a recruiter, second. So what?

  • I leverage my broad, hands on Finance experience & extensive network coupled with my track record of success in Recruitment
  • I recruit, screen and provide you with top talent. I speak the candidate's language.
  • I work with you to understand your hiring needs and your organization culture to find you the best fit with a top candidate. I speak your language.
  • I am your brand ambassador; a role I do not take lightly. Neither should you. We are PARTNERS.
  • I am driven to provide you the best quality candidate in a reasonable time frame.
  • I can successfully transition an employee to a new opportunity when restructuring or downsizing happens with a customized outplacement approach for maximum value-add to the employee
  • I provide highly responsive service. I expect the same from you and so do top candidates.
  • I am not afraid to have courageous and challenging conversations with you and your hiring team to ensure we have clarity on the right path; that is what a MAVERICK does. 
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